Our Dream and Vision - by Gabriella

"We dreamed a dream, a large one, which began as a small seed and actively grew and developed over the last seven years: To live on a farm, in our homeland South Africa!

We both grew up in rural settings and were longing to be able to live in a place of natural beauty, away from the city, in a pure and pristine environment. As avid environmentalists, conservationists, and nature lovers, we were keen to root ourselves on a special piece of land, that we could put our heart and soul into and be true custodians of...

So, moving away from the city and all its conveniences, into such natural splendor, was a conscious choice that arose from a deep longing within us, over a decade…that we were fortunate enough to be able to fulfill this year in February 2019. Being able to live that dream, we feel, even with its own set of challenges, is a monumental privilege.

It is our greatest wish to continue sharing the abundance of Frog Mountain Farm as a truly unique family Getaway venue and much more. Indeed, it was part of our vision, to live on a magnificent farm where people could come to be free, re-charge, relax and feed their souls in the splendor and majesty of nature. Frog Mountain is that perfect place!

We look forward to putting our hearts and souls into continuing to grow the incredible vision, care and love the Kilpin family put into building the farm to what it is, for the benefit of so many. We are eager to maintain and advance Frog Mountain for all our guests’ pleasure and experience. Many projects and improvements are already underway...we will keep you updated!

We may have big plans for Frog Mountain Farm...but, most of all, to preserve and protect the pristine nature, and the quiet, secluded ambiance of the magic valley tucked away between the majestic mountains at the end of that country road that we all love so much: A place where adults, children, families and friends can recharge, relax, play and connect in a farm setting of such magnificent green, abundant life, tranquility and peace. We look forward to seeing you here!"

Live to work not work to live

We wanted to be able to live and work at the same time, in a beautiful place connected to nature. What better way, to find a farm that operated as a small business, a family guest/getaway farm from which to grow our lives. Having a dream and having it possible were two different things. It took many many years and many disappointments, but also major blessings before the dream could manifest..and before we we found it! The place! Or before it found us.

Self- Sustainability

We wanted to be able to be as self-sustainable and "off grid" as possible, grow our own vegetables and fruit, be near fresh, alive mountain water and rock pools, and just live in the green. Making this choice, we also hoped would be a source of inspiration to others, grow community development, inspire learning, teaching, develop a small organic/biodynamic farm enterprise for the local community, even a farm school, a center for healing workshops and retreats  and so much more....


Much of this dream and vision developed due to severe health challenges (an ongoing story), and those many desperate years of ill health I believe were a catalyst for a big life shift that no lifestyle change in the city was going to address. Illness and possibility ironically, or magically, happened at the same time. So the vision of this farm was and is also tied into healing, and well being, for us but also for the greater community.

It is all too apparent the massive disconnect to nature that has happened in our society and culture. This disconnect is harming and killing our bodies and our Earth simultaneously. We want to be able to in a small way, offer people the chance to re-connect, with nature and themselves and to protect this small unique farm, as a haven for indigenous flora and fauna. Getting away from technology and actually connecting with children, family and friends is so needed.

It took a huge amount of courage, determination and of course blessings to be able to follow this dream. We hope to inspire each and every person that comes here that dreams are real and the voice and knowing in your core can and must be followed!

Frog Medicine - Healing Centre

Nature heals, calms, de-stresses, rejuvenates, centers and focuses us and science backs this all up. Here there is possibility to address that! The Frog is an ancient symbol for healing and purification, so to us, that was a true sign from the universe for Frog Mountain Farm being aligned with our own journey and Vision.

The Centre - still being dreamed into existence

To this end, plans for a totally Natural Building, that will be "The Centre" of the farm, are currently being dreamed up. A place of beauty, where all manner of courses, events, retreats, camps, workshops and much more can take place.

Environmentally friendly, regenerative farming, eco-friendly farm...

We have big plans to turn all aspects of the farm totally green. From waste management (recycling) to composting, to regenerative soil building with our amazing Nguni cattle, to organic farming, to caring for the indigenous land and more. All going to happen!

Indigenous biodiversity conservation and rehabilitation

Environmental work and biodiversity conservation is our passion and one of our top priorities. We have a massive invasive alien clearing programme in place already underway and big plans to rehabilitate and re-tree the indigenous riverine corridor. There is so much abundant bird and animal life here whose future currently hangs by a fragile thread. As invasives take over, the environment become a sterile desert and both flora and fauna die. Our long term vision is to help clear the entire valley all the way to the Buffeljags dam of invasives and to turn the entire valley into a protected area....this will be a combined effort for sure, with many stakeholders involved! We hope to team up to make it happen! Watch this space.